LCC Secretariat Participates in a Series of Online Training on Leadership Program for Education Authorities

The International Development Institute (IDI), in cooperation with USAID, conducted a Leadership Program for Education Authorities (LPEA) participated in by various educators from different countries, including DepEd officials and education specialists from the Philippines. This five-day course with the theme “Improving Learning Outcomes at the School Level Post-Pandemic” was held on March 29-April 2, 2021 via Zoom. It strengthened capacity of senior education officials at the federal and provincial levels in countries in South Asia and East Africa. The objective of the course is to build their leadership capacity to better understand the new reality; revisit and reevaluate their existing plans and develop new strategic directions; set newly calibrated vision and goals; build capacity to collect and analyze data, prioritize and assess and plan to overcome implementation challenges, including political economy challenges; and monitor and evaluate their performance towards set goals. The program is designed for both policy makers and officials involved in the day to day implementation of education programs at the federal and provincial levels. Some of the lecturers from IDI who have in-depth knowledge on education, leadership and interest in empowering communities, also shared their expertise on their respective topics.

Dr. Arun R. Joshi presents the Settings Goals and Strategy for the Post-Pandemic Context
Mr. Jonathan Kassa talks about Health and Safety Protocols during disruptive times
Ms. Kerin Hilker-Balkissoon presents extensively her experience on incentivizing Teachers, Staff, Parents, and Students.
Prof. Padmanabhan Seshaiyer shares his experience on Innovations in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning as well as Decision Making with Data.
Dr. Robert Hessler in his 35 1/2 years in public education showcases his experience in School Leadership during disruptive times

The course was designed to expose and equip education policy makers and implementation authorities with the analytical, leadership, and management skills needed to effectively handle their responsibilities and continuously drive reforms in these fast changing and challenging environment. The program provided the participants from the Philippines, Romania and Ghana with an opportunity to learn directly from global experts, policy leads, and practitioners.

The LCC Secretariat wishes to convey its deepest gratitude to USAID and IDI for the privilege and opportunity they have given to all their participants who participated in this program in increasing their leadership effectiveness amidst this crisis.

Czarina D. Abellonar

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