LCC Manuals

This page features the different manuals developed by the LCC in support of the implementation of the Council’s policies, programs, projects, and other related initiatives

Title for FileBrief DescriptionYear Developed
Creating A Local Literacy Council: A Manual for Local Government UnitsThis manual on creating a local literacy council provides a framework for the creation of
a local literacy council in the city and municipal levels.
It provides standards for the establishment and organization, implementation,
monitoring and evaluation, sustainability, and institutionalization of a local literacy
council. This manual includes a description of the steps in establishing a local literacy council in
the city, municipal, and barangay levels. It describes a structure that can be permanent
as well as evolving.
LCC Foundational Framework HandbookThe goal of this book is to help individuals, institutions, local government units, and non-government organizations acquire the confidence to conceptualize, design, develop, implement, and assess community literacy programs. Whether the literacy programs are meant for children, youth, adults, or indigenous peoples, the Framework provided in this Handbook is believed to be applicable to a wide range of program beneficiaries. The book essentially combines three research outputs
generated from the work of several academics from the Philippine Normal University in partnership with the Literacy Coordinating Council and its Secretariat and with the different local government units who served as respondents of the studies mentioned. After a short introduction, readers of the Handbook should expect to learn about the first phase and second phase of the research investigations conducted and, subsequently, expect to see the Standards and Indicators of the Framework, and the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Tool that operationalizes the said Framework.
LCC Communication PlanThis Communication Plan seeks to strengthen LCC’s information, education, and
communication campaign for two years subject to monitoring and evaluation.
Three conditions were considered for the outcome of this campaign: (1) the
pandemic has reversed the progress on education; (2) public fiscal policy that will
increase the fund of local government units in 2022; and (3) the local and national
elections in 2022.