LCC Resolutions

This page contains copies of the Resolutions issued by the LCC.

LCC Resolution No.TitleDate IssuedSummary/Salient ProvisionsLink
LCC Resolution No. 02, s. 2022Adopting the National Literacy Framework Designed to Define Literacy in the Context of the Filipinos, and to be Used as Basis for Policies and Reforms in the Country's Education System and Literacy GovernanceJune 27, 2022
LCC Resolution No. 01, s. 2022Adopting the Manual on the Creation of Local Literacy Councils for Dissemination, Promotion, and UtilizationMarch 29, 2022LCC Resolution No. 01, s. 2022
LCC Resolution No. 03, s. 2021Adopting the LCC Communication Plan for Implementation of the Council Member Agencies and for Reference of Local Literacy CouncilsDecember 13, 2021LCC Resolution No. 03, s. 2021
LCC Resolution No. 02, s. 2021Resolution Adopting the National Literacy Information System Database, Including its Utilization, Publication, and Maintenance in the Official Literacy Coordinating Council WebsiteSeptember 20, 2021LCC Resolution No. 02, s. 2021
LCC Resolution No. 01, s. 2021Resolution Adopting the Guidelines on the Foundational Framework and Analytic Scoring Rubric for Exemplary Community-Based Literacy Programs and Engagement Developed by the Literacy Coordinating Council for Application, Dissemination, and Implementation at the Local LevelSeptember 3, 2021LCC Resolution No. 01, s. 2021
LCC Resolution No. 01, s. 2020Resolution Confirming the Election of Prof. Flora C. Arellano, National President of the Civil Society Networks for Education Reforms (E-Net Philippines), As Member of the Literacy Coordinating Council Representing the Non-Government OrganizationsApril 20, 2020LCC Resolution No. 01, s. 2020
LCC Resolution No. 01, s. 2019Resolution Establishing the Guidelines for the Selection and Confirmation of Membership of the Non-Government Organization Representative in the Literacy Coordinating CouncilMarch 29, 2019LCC Council Resoultion No. 1, s. 2019
LCC Resolution No. 02, s. 2017Appeal to Increase LCC Budget Pursuant to R.A. 7165 and R.A. 10122May 30, 2017LCC Resolution No. 02, s. 2017