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OM-ProcMS(PPMD)-2022-01-004Approved CY 2021 Final Annual Procurement PlanJanuary 25, 2022OM-ProcMS(PPMD)-2022-01-004
Memorandum Circular No. 2007-155CREATION/STRENGTHENING OF LOCAL LITERACY COORDINATING COUNCIL/LITERACY IMPLEMENTING UNITSNovember 26, 2007To be able to localize the national Literacy Coordinating Council's goal and objectives as well as its programs and projects. Joint Circular No. 01, series 2003 dated March 25, 2003 entitled "Supplemental provisions/guidelines on the strengthening of Local Literacy Coordinating Councils and Literacy Implementing Units"MC No. 2007-155
Joint Circular No. 1, s. 2003SUPPLEMENTAL PROVISIONS/GUIDELINES ON THE STRENGTHENING OF LOCAL LITERACY COORDINATING COUNCILS/LITERACY IMPLEMENTING UNITS.March 25, 2003To further enhance the mandate of the Literacy Coordinating Council, regional literacy coordinating councils or committees shall be established to provide additional assistance to the national program of LCC.Joint Circular No. 1, s. 2003
Administrative Order No. 324, s. 1997MANDATING ALL CONCERNED GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND LGU'S TO ADOPT THE LITERACY COUNCIL (LCC) BLUEPRINT FOR ACTION AS FRAMEWORK OR GUIDELINE IN DEVELOPING POLICIES AND IMPLEMENTING PROGRAMS OR PROJECTS RELATED TO LITERACYApril 15, 1997The Literacy Coordinating Council in the pursuit of its mandate has formulated the National Blueprint for action in the eradication of illiteracy. This document defines a common philosophy for all literacy programs, presents overall policies and strategies and suggest appropriate structures and mechanisms.AO NO. 324, s. 1997
Proclamation No. 239, s. 1993DECLARING THE PERIOD FROM SEPTEMBER 2 TO 8 OF EVERY YEAR AS LITERACY WEEKAugust 25, 1993The goverment, through the medium term Philippine Development Plan (MTDP), aims to raise the quality of life and achieve a vision of vision of development through people empowerment.PROC NO. 239, s. 1993
Executive Order No. 53, s. 2019REORGANIZATION OF THE MUNICIPAL LITERACY COORDINATING COUNCILDecember 9, 2019There shall be in the Municipality of Baliwag, Bulacan, an established Municipal Literacy Coordinating Council which shall be tasked to design activities to promote literacy in the Municipality and thereby promote quality of life of the citizens.EO NO. 53, s. 2019
Executive Order No. 19, s. 2018AN ORDER RECONSTITUTING THE DAVAO CITY LITERACY COORDINATING COUNCIL, DEFINING ITS POWERS AND FUNCTIONS, APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFORE, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSESJuly 19, 2018The Davao City Literacy Coordinating Council is meant to be created to ensure access to basic education by every citizen of the city of Davao, thus eradicating Illiteracy at the local level.EO NO. 19, s. 2018
Executive Order No. 23, s. 2016CREATION OF THE MUNICIPAL LITERACY COORDINATING COUNCIL (MLCC) IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF BAYAMBANG, PANGASINANSeptember 1, 2016The Municipality of Bayambang deems it is imperative to the establishment of literacy implementing units to be able to localize the national LCC's goals and objectives.EO NO. 23, s. 2016
Executive Order No. 110, s. 2016CREATING THE MUNICIPAL LITERACY COORDINATING COUNCIL (MLCC) TO PERFORM PRESCRIBED FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIESSeptember 26, 2016The MLCC is hereby created to perform the functions and responsibilities prescribed under the governing law, rules and regulations and as may by law and/or other ordinance provides.EO NO. 16-110
Executive Order No. 12, s. 2014CREATING THE SECRETARIAT OF CITY LITERACY COORDINATING COUNCIL IN THE CITY OF ALAMINOS, PANGASINANMarch 12, 2014To further strengthen the delivery of services in the city of Alaminos, Pangasinan, A local literacy coordinating council shall be created.EO No. 12, s. 2014
Ordinance No. 520, s. 2013AN ORDINANCE CREATING THE LITERACY COORDINATING COUNCIL, DEFINING ITS DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES AND FOR OTHER PURPOSESOctober 14, 2013There is a need to highlight the importance of literacy and education, given the government's vision of a globally competitive and newly industrializing country that would better be achieved with the improvement of the quality of human resources through literacy and education.Ordinance No. 520, s. 2013