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TESDA Policies

TESDA Memorandum Circular NumberTitleDate IssuedSummary/Salient ProvisionsLink
TESDA No. 24, s. 2021Tulong Trabaho Scholarship Program under the New Normal Arrangements: Amendments to TESDA Circular No. 131, s. 20192021In order to integrate the "New Normal" arrangements in the implementation of Republic Act No. 11230 or the "Tulong Trabaho Act" and in order to provide additional assistance to affected industries and displaced workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these implementing guidelines are hereby adopted.TESDA No. 24, s. 2021
TESDA No. 18, s. 2021Implementing Guidelines for Agile, Flexible and Quality Assured Community-Based Training Program2021Section 28 of Republic Act No. 7796, otherwise known as the TESDA Act of 1994, mandates that the Authority shall design and implement an effective and efficient delivery system for quality technical education and skills development opportunities, particularly in disadvantaged sectors, with new tools of wealth creation and with the capability to take on higher value-added gainful activities and to share equitably in productivity gainsTESDA No. 18, s. 2021
TESDA No. 6-A, s. 2021Amendment to TESDA Circular No. 006, S. of 2021 on the Schedule of Cost for the Implementation of Coffee Production Level II under the Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP) and Program on Accelerating Farm School Establishment (PAFSE)2021In the interest of the service and to further boost the agribusiness sector while providing inclusive growth for farmers in the coffee industryTESDA No. 6-A, s. 2021
TESDA No. 3, s. 2021Implementing Guidelines on the Partnership of TESDA with the Bangsamoro Government2021In the interest of the service and to define the responsibilities and obligations of TESDA in the implementation of its programs and services within the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) in partnership with the Bangsamoro Government through the Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (MBHTE)TESDA No. 3, s. 2021
TESDA No. 143, s. 2020Amended Guidelines on the Implementation of the National Technical Education and Skills Development Research Agenda (NTRA) 2017-20222020Section 2 of the Republic Act 7796 (TESDA Act of 194), declared the policy of the State "to provide relevant, accessible, high quality and efficient skills education and skills development in support of the development of high quality Filipino middle-level manpower responsive to and in accordance with Philippine goals and priorities.TESDA No. 143, s. 2020
TESDA No. 125, s. 2020Implementation of the "Bayanihan 2" through the TESDA Scholarship Programs towards the "New Normal"2020Bayanihan 2 was enacted into law on 11 September 2020 to urgently respond to the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to our economy. Under Section 10(1) of R.A. 11494, Php1,000,000,000.00 was appropriated to TESDA which shall be utilized for the retooling, retraining and upskilling of the target beneficiaries under this program. Through its scholarship programs, TESDA shall be able to provide recovery interventions and economic assistance to all displaced workers in support of the government's efforts to bolster the resilience of the Philippine economy amid the continuing national emergency.TESDA No. 125, s. 2020
TESDA No. 78-A, s. 2020Addendum to Section V of the Amended/Supplemental Guidelines on TESDA Scholarship Programs under the "New Normal"2020Individuals who have already availed of the TESDA Scholarship Programs may need to acquire new skills which are not related to the competencies that they have previously acquired but are relevant under the New Normal. Thus, the Multiple Availment of Scholarship shall be allowed regardless if the qualifications that a scholar would avail of are related to each other or not. The succeeding qualifications that the scholar would avail of may be in any of the listed qualifications TESDA No. 78-A, s. 2020
TESDA No. 77, s. 2020Special Payment Arrangements for TVIs Implementing TESDA Scholarship Programs Affected by the Community Quarantine2020In line with the objectives of OPLAN TESDA Abot Lahat: TVET Towards the New Normal to develop flexible programs that are adapted to the changing needs of the TVET Sector, the following guidelines are hereby issued to provide a special program for recovery and rehabilitation of affected TVIs during the COVID-19 crisis. The special provisions of this Circular shall only be adopted for the duration of the State of Public Health Emergency due to COVID-19 and shall only be applicable to affected TVIs covered under this Circular.TESDA No. 77, s. 2020
TESDA No. 62, s. 2020Guidelines in implementing Flexible Learning in TVET2020In line with the policy direction provided in the Operational Plan (OPLan) TESDA Abot Lahat: WET Towards the New Normal, this Circular is hereby issued to provide guidelines in the management and implementation of flexible learning in the delivery of technical vocational education and training (WET) in the country.TESDA No. 62, s. 2020
TESDA No. 23, s. 20202020 Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP), Special Training for Employment Program (STEP), Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA), Special Skills Training Program (SSTP) and Single/Bundled Programs under the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act (UAQTEA) Schedule of Cost2020To meet the objectives of the TWSP, STEP, PESFA, and Single/Bundled Programs under the UAQTEA, the following schedule of costs per qualification are hereby adopted. The following training costs relative to the implementation of TESDA services are based on the following cost factors: Variable Costs (consumables; utilities, facilties, equipment and tools maintenance; honoraria of trainers; and living allowance); and Fixed Costs (miscellaneous fees, national assessment fees, instructional materials, starter toolkits).TESDA No. 23, s. 2020
TESDA Circular No. 041-2022Guidlines on Cascading of TESDA Policies, and Information and Learning Dissemination2022With the situation globally, wherein the threat of COVID-19 Pandemic remains and abrupt innovations, and modernization has taken place, the Agency ensures esilience and is continuously applying much needed adjustments towards its plans, policies, operational processes, along with the effort in capacitating its workforce who implements them.

Therefore, the regular conduct of the Cascasind of TESDA Policies and Information Dissemination shall be undertaken and be led by the respective Head of Offices.
TESDA Circular No. 041-2022
TESDA Circular No. 040-A-20222022
TESDA Circular No. 036-20222022TESDA Circular No. 036-2022
TESDA Circular No. 027-20222022
TESDA Circular No. 021-20222022
TESDA Circular No. 018-20222022
TESDA Circular No. 016-20222022
TESDA Circular No. 004-20222022TESDA Circular No. 004-2022