LCC Secretariat & Functions

A Secretariat that serves as technical support staff who attends to the day-to-day concerns of LCC as a coordinating, policy-making, and advisory body.

  • Develop criteria, guidelines, designs, and procedures for the preparation, appraisal, and monitoring of programs and projects on literacy;
  • Monitor contracted program and project implementation and suggest modifications/changes when necessary;
  • Prepare periodic annual targets and reports;
  • Oversee the effective implementation of all literacy programs and projects and other related activities contracted to other agencies/organizations/groups;
  • Provide technical assistance to literacy implementers relative to the different stages of the project cycle;
  • Plan and coordinate secretarial, documentation, and editing requirements of the Council;
  • Supervise the procurement of equipment, supplies, and materials required by the Council;
  • Ensure that all required reports are encoded neatly and accurately and distributed promptly to intended recipients;
  • Maintain an updated Management and Information System (MIS) on literacy programs and projects;
  • Prepare/Draft policies on literacy for review and approval of the Council, before forwarding the same to the Office of the President for approval and signature; and
  • Perform other duties as may by required by the Council.