LCC Welcomes Dr. Milwida Guevara, the New Member of the Literacy Coordinating Council Representing the Network of NGOs

Dr. Milwida M. Guevara

President and Chief Executive Synergeia Foundation

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In a historic moment during the 156th Literacy Coordinating Council (LCC) Meeting held on February 15, 2024, the official welcoming of Dr. Milwida M. Guevara marked a significant milestone for the Council. Dr. Guevara, President and Chief Executive Officer of Synergeia Foundation, was confirmed as the new member of the LCC representing the network of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). The confirmation came through a Council Resolution highlighting LCC’s commitment to fostering collaboration and inclusivity in the pursuit of literacy development.

Presided over by the Chairperson of the LCC and Secretary of the Department of Education, Vice President Secretary Sara Z. Duterte, the meeting brought together the heads and representatives of the different Council member agencies, including key figures and experts in the field of literacy to deliberate on strategies and initiatives for advancing the nation’s literacy goals. 

Dr. Guevara’s addition to the LCC is particularly noteworthy due to her extensive experience and dedication to literacy initiatives. As a representative of  and dedication to literacy initiatives. As a representative of the Synergeia Foundation, an organization recognized for its commitment to education and community development, Dr. Guevara brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the Council.

Dr. Guevara’s addition to the LCC is particularly noteworthy due to her extensive experience and dedication to literacy initiatives. As a representative of the Synergeia Foundation, an organization recognized for its commitment to education and community development, Dr. Guevara brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the Council.

Hon. Sara Z. Duterte

Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines

Secretary of the Department of Education

One of the key responsibilities entrusted to Dr. Guevara as a council member is to develop linkages with Local Government Units (LGUs) for community-based literacy development programs. This role underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between the government and non-governmental entities in addressing literacy challenges at the grassroots level. Dr. Guevara’s expertise in forging partnerships and her deep understanding of dynamics in governance and financing will undoubtedly contribute to the success of these programs.

Additionally, Dr. Guevara is expected to provide the LCC with valuable insights from the civil society perspective. This role acknowledges the critical role that NGOs play in implementing literacy initiatives and ensures that the Council benefits from a diverse range of perspectives in its decision-making processes. Dr. Guevara’s presence is a testament to the LCC’s commitment to inclusivity and holistic approaches to literacy development.

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Vice President and DepEd Secretary Hon. Sara Z. Durete together with the LCC, LCC Secretariat and other Representatives from other Agencies

As the nation faces evolving challenges in providing quality education, having a representative with Dr. Guevara’s background is crucial for steering the LCC towards effective and relevant policies and programs. The collaborative efforts of the LCC, bolstered by the expertise of its newest member, promise to create lasting impacts on literacy development in the Philippines.

During the said meeting, the Council also recognized the significant contributions of Prof. Flora C. Arellano of E-Net Philippines, the outgoing Council member, who dedicated over three years of service to the LCC.

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Prof. Flora C. Arellano

Board Member of E-Net Philippines

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