LCC Gains a New Partner in 1986 Summerhouse Publishing

Photo of attendees of the exploratory meeting with 1986 Summerhouse Publishing (from left to right), Ms. Zenny Lastimosa (Project Development Officer II) and Ms. Jannet F. Labre (Project Development Officer II) from the External Partnerships Service, Mr. Michael Jeffrey E. Lamas (Program Manager and Quality Assurance Officer), Mr. Christopher B. Luces (Chief Operating Officer), and Ms. Rellyn M. Nojadera-Luces (Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer) from the 1986 Summerhouse Publishing, Mr. Enrico R. Mendoza (Project Development Officer V) of the Literacy Coordinating Council Secretariat, Ms. Laiza D. Lagarto (Program Manager and Global Training Administrator) of the 1986 Summerhouse Publishing, Ms. Michelle F. Tolentino (Senior Education Program Specialist) of the Bureau of Learning Delivery, Ms. Liza Legaspino (Senior Education Program Specialist) of the Bureau of Curriculum Development, Mr. Noel Kristian F. Espiritu (Public-Private Partnership Manager) and Mr. Ryan M. Nojadera (Creative Director and Program Manager) from the 1986 Summerhouse Publishing.

          Borne out of their intention to contribute to improving the literacy situation in the country by designing a reading program called “Bawat Isa Makakabasa,” the 1986 Summerhouse Publishing, an organization with a deep sense of commitment not only to Content Development but far greater the meaning and development solutions which would carry value towards transformation and nation building, extended an opportunity to the Department of Education to implement the said reading program.

          “The “Bawat Isa Makakabasa” is a reading program that supports the call to increase the literacy rate of Filipino learners and emphasizes the significant role of education in nation-building through the establishment of public libraries and reading centers in all local government units,” Ms. Rellyn M. Nojadero-Luces, the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the 1986 Summerhouse Publishing shared during the meeting.

          The program is responsive to the Every Child a Reader Program (ECARP), a national program that addresses the thrust of the Department of Education (DepEd) to make every child a reader at his/her grade level. It is designed to equip elementary pupils with strategic reading and writing skills to make them independent young readers and writers; and “Hamon: Bawat Bata Bumabasa (3Bs Initiative),as well as the Department’s flagship agenda—MATATAG: “Bansang Makabata, Batang Makabansa.”The program is designed for learners across ages and grade levels—including Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd).

          The exploratory meeting with 1986 Summerhouse Publishing was attended to by various offices from the DepEd – Central Office, namely the Literacy Coordinating Council Secretariat, External Partnerships Service, Bureau of Learning Delivery, and Bureau of Curriculum Development to ensure that the requirements needed to facilitate the implementation of the program in full swing will be set. This objective was achieved by the 1986 Summerhouse Publishing by sharing the history, background, and goals of the publishing house, having a full demonstration of the “Bawat Isa Makakabasa” reading program, explaining the Quality Management procedures of the organization, showing a preview of the Learning Management System (LMS) platform intended for the implementation of the program, and explaining their Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program.

          The meeting ended meaningfully by identifying the ways forward to formally establish a partnership between DepEd and 1986 Summerhouse Publishing. Additionally, to ensure alignment of the program with the curriculum standards and obtain quality assurance of the resources to be used in implementing the program, technical assistance coming from the Bureau of Curriculum Development, Bureau of Learning Delivery, and Bureau of Learning Resources will be provided.

          Lastly, the Literacy Coordinating Council, through its Secretariat, commits to advocating for the program on the ground by introducing it to the local government units that have local literacy councils and are active partners of the Council in universalizing literacy in the country. The LCC, together with the DepEd, looks forward to building a partnership with organizations like 1986 Summerhouse Publishing that are eager to improve the literacy skills of Filipino learners. This goes without saying that it is the Council’s privilege to share the vision and journey to work toward the goal of universalizing literacy in the country.  

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