LCC Secretariat Participates in IDI’s Global Policy Series on Quality, Equity and Inclusion in Education: Post Pandemic Response

The International Development Institute (IDI) in Washington, DC organized a free webinar presentation and discussion on Quality, Equity and Inclusion in Education: Post-Pandemic Response held on April 15, 2021 via Zoom. This webinar was attended by global audiences from different countries. A distinguished panel addressed the issue on the significant effects of COVID-19 pandemic to students and learners around the world such as closure of schools, the disruptive effects to education and unprecedented including wide range of challenges, best practices, success issues, and opportunities across the education landscape. The distinguished presentors shared their practical advice and effective pedagogical strategies of sustaining a high quality and inclusive learning environment online in the context of the pandemic.

Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, Former Federal Minister of Education and V.P., World Bank underscores that universal access to education is achieved making sure that nobody is left behind.

Prof. Chandra Bhushan Sharma, Indira Gandhi National Open University, and Former Chairman of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) shares that students who can afford to have access on the latest technology will also have access to the best teachers.

Ms. Nina Weisenhorn, Advisor in Education in Crisis and Conflict for USAID identifies seeing opportunities to strengthen education and support system particularly to those struggling teachers to re-engage in education pathways.

The LCC Secretariat wishes to extend its deep gratitude to the IDI organizers for this invitation by raising awareness on how to build back more resilient education systems that facilitate quality education for all, and addressing equity and inclusion in education.

Czarina D. Abellonar

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